Thursday, March 6, 2014

Search by Image for BlackBerry — image reverse search application!

О программе Поиск в Web по изображению на русском языке

Search by Image for BlackBerry Guide

Search by Image is “must have” program for your BlackBerry. Unlike searching by text, Search by Image allows search the Web right from your device’s camera, or by image, stored on memory. This might be called “image reverse search”. Easy, fast and convenient: take image from camera or open saved image, press Menu key and select Send or Share.. → Search by Image, that's all!

Here are only few sample how you can use the program:

  • You’ve noticed a picture of famous person, but don’t remember who he is? Just take photo of it and get comprehensive info :)
  • Come to a buddy’s home and there is a drawing on a wall? Demonstrate erudition by telling who the author is!
  • Found an image on your BlackBerry, but you don’t know where is it from? — get all websites which store it
  • Got an image, but want the same, but better quality? Easy!
  • What is new auto brand you look at? Take the photo of it’s logo and find the answer!
  • Find out which language a book is written in
  • Forgot road sign? Not a problem! — Here is the answer!

Search by Image features:

    Search by Image for BlackBerry

  • Supports BlackBerry OS 5, 6, 7
  • Fully integrated with BlackBerry’s interface: use menu item «Send or Share.. → Search by Image» while watching photo or image
  • Search results on your device’s language
  • Upload images for searching by in background, with option to cancel
  • Supports Wi-Fi, BIS-B (BlackBerry data plan), GPRS (without special BlackBerry data plan)
  • Progress bar for upload process
  • No image size limitations on all supported devices
  • Choose image optimization to accelerate uploading process
  • Choose BlackBerry browser or Opera Mini browser to show results
  • Low memory and CPU consumption

For program options go to Options—Third Party Applications—Search by Image.

Search by Image — Step 1. Choose image for Search bySearch by Image — Step 2. Wait while it uploads for searchingSearch by Image — Step 3. Here they are, the search results!

To download Search by Image for BlackBerry just use the OTA link right from your device (free of charge) or from BlackBerry World: If you have older version of the app on your device, uninstall it before this download by going to the Options—Device—Application Management.


  • You may use this application for free. But free version shows Ads. To remove Ads, please support developers with $2,99 via in-app purchase option.
  • There is a known bug. When uploading via BIS on MTS Russia carrier there may be errors while data transfer. We cannot deal with this bug. On other carriers no such bugs noted.
  • If you want to translate application on your language, contact us.
  • When you search Web by image, it should be uploaded to Search server through proxy servers, which all may store image for some time. These servers, as declared, use these images solely to provide and improve their products and services.
  • Search by Image use third-party services for searching, so we cannot guarantee 100% uptime. Once you experience some problems, contact us for faster resolution.

Thanks for your feedback and comments ^_^